"Principles to Abundant Success"

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Pastors, Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Non Profit Organizations
  • Do you want to get your product or message  in front of more people?
  • Are you having a challenge targeting the right people?
  • Do you know how to put together a marketing or advertisement campaign?
  • Do you feel stagnated in your business or goals?  We are here to help you have GOOD SUCCESS!!
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Whether you want to get your message locally or internationally, launch your book, new CD release,  grow your ministry, or use the latest social media to increase awareness of your nonprofit organization or business, we're here to help!
We help new, emerging, and high-profile authors, ministries, nonprofit organizations, businesses, strategically and effectively leverage new media to reach your goals.
Whether you are a Pastor or a Leader in business we help you bring your dreams to reality!

Best of Your Life is an platform used by LaVerne Founder of laExpose' International, a community and talent brand to inspire, promote and educate. As an Personal Development Coach, Promoter, Marketing Strategist and Exhorter she exercise her gifts and talents to help others.  She is diligent with leadership skills that empower and build other leaders. Her persist ency to make a difference expands into the world of business entrepreneurship serving people from 14 countries globally.  
LaVerne grew up as a pastors kid, serving in numerous roles. She is certified in Ministerial Studies through Power of God in Action Inc., a member of Hope University, licensed missionary, she studied Christian Education through Aenon Bible College and a award winning author.  LaVerne teaches business through the Word of God using her unique gift to empower others to intentionally live their best life.
She challenges others to  put their dreams into action utilizing spiritual and life affirmations, good principals  for transformation to succeed.  LaVerne faciltates group sessions and individual consultations in the form of meetings, seminars, or workshops to help others to work as a team or succeed in their individual development. If you allow yourself to hear and listen, she will give you information to take action and propel you in your destiny. You are blessed to be a blessing 2 Corinthians 9:8-12
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